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(The Cincinnati House)

Palimpsest II

Palimpsest II

The Cincinnati House (Hisa)

Palimpsest II

Palimpsest II

The Cincinnati House (Joe)

Etching and Aquatint Over Screenprinted Chine-Collé Element​

6"x8" plate


"Cincinnati House" is part of an ongoing investigation of the idea of a palimpsest, a historical process to reuse manuscripts illuminated on vellum. Because vellum is made of hide and not paper pulp or rag, it has the potential to be scraped down finer and finer, removing the previous text so that a new narrative may be illuminated into the structure of the book. "Cincinnati House" uses a screenprinted replication of a document sourced from Utah State University's online database for Topaz print ephemera that lists where each internee planned to go once the Camps had been dissolved, specifically the page that includes the names of my extended family members. An etching based off of family photographs taken in the house in Ohio my family moved into after leaving Utah is then printed over the screenprinted element, 'reclaiming' the narrative of uprooting and relocating the government enforced upon them. 

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